Here is the new video game harry potter

Here is the new video game harry potter

Harry Potter: Unite Wizards officially launch on iOS and Android in the US. and U.K, positive reviews. Supports fans’ expectations with sophisticated stories and design, free mobile games apps produced simultaneously and published together by Niantic, Inc. (Pokémon GO maker), and San Francisco WB Games as part of Portkey Game.

Harry Potter: The Unite Wizards offers users the chance to join the Status of Secrecy Task Force, working with magic and wizards who have been sent to solve the mystery of the Calamity. This incident – in the middle of the game – causes the Sulfur (magic, human, animal and memories) appear in the Muggle world, risking the light for the magic world.

This game features

players who fill in the Magic ID Light, complete with Hogwarts House, stick types and character pictures. The player is then sent to track the effects of various spell locations in the real world for the Foundables, casting spells, use (and beer!) Ingredients, to restore the Foundables to safety, which is built free, recording progress.

Players can visit Inns to add Spell Energy, collect Portkeys (which bring players to the location of the usual magic world) and herbs around the real world. Players can plant the ingredients in House Green, and produce herbs to help them in combat.

There are also Detainees and Challenges Wizards, which require players to compete with dangerous magical enemies. In Stage 6, players can choose the profession of the magic world (Auror, Magizoologist and Professor), giving players the unique capabilities and special courses that give depth to the complex gameplay!

The initial thought is that the game is well designed, and it’s still a lot to find, making a good game. Face recognition in the Harry Potter series, for film value snippets including voice actors in the game and the help of creating a common sense of the film, is a great story to be thrown into fans. Portkey features are great: it’s always great!

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The story in this game is more sophisticated than Pokémon GO. The most played games that were once purchased for studying new terms and understanding of many features, many features.

Once you reach Level 6, you will begin to learn how far the game can go. Battlefield you see war with creatures and dark wizards, casting strategically called for a XP magician, and use talent as an Auror, or Professor Magizoologist to go ahead and open the secrets of this predicament.


However, there are many mysteries to accomplish about the various features of the game and the problem of function. From a supported device, that fans want to see this game as a canon (even if Portkey Games clean up).

Although games are slowly used for some, downloading assets can increase functionality. Most complaints from people who can access this game are less accommodation in different areas, making it difficult to add spell energy (required to play most features in the game) without buying any money.

Niantic also adds to the poke stops and the Pokémon finds all over the world in line with the comments that Pokémon GO is open, so they think they are doing the same for this game, and they allow features such as Adventure Sync (which enables players to synchronize step count in application closed).

With the limit of 200 friends and Code With the left, right and middle are shared on social media, it will also be useful to know or not just to add a local friend, or who you interact with, for help with the help of the fortress. It is also expected that the game will increase the rewards like Pokémon GO.

Overall, this game shows great potential. Especially when a global event starts, supposedly Harry Potter fans will come out of the group to solve the mystery of The Calamity. No

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