Google’s Hardware Chief is providing new tablets

Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of “Devices and Services” is responsible for the hardware section that includes home-grown home products (Nest, Google Home), Android smartphone (Pixel) and laptop ChromeOS (Pixelbook) Silicon decides to quit making a tablet.

“Hey, it’s true … The Google HARDWARE team will only design a laptop laptop that is moving forward,” wrote Osterloh. “But occasionally, Android Android & Chrome OS is 100% concern for a long time working with our partners on tablets for all segments market (users, companies, edu).”

Hey, that’s right

Google’s HARDWARE team will only focus on building a laptop that is moving forward, but it does not make a mistake, Android & Chrome OS 100% long-term sustainability with our partners on tablets for all segments of the market (users, edu)

Google started a tablet business 7 years ago when it launched in June 2012 Nexus 7, an Android 7-inch tablet created and created by Taiwanese manufacturer Asus.Google quickly resumes in the next month with a larger 10 inches, the Nexus 10 version created by Samsung.

The next year, Google releases Nexus 7 and in 2014, Google and HTC unpack the Android 8.9-inch tablet, Nexus 9.

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In September 2015, Google launched Android-to-brand tablet technology under the brand name of electronic device, Pixel C. It is known by the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, while the graphical graphics maker is still relevant in ARM-based mobile processors market.

After that, we have to look for three years in 2018 to see more experiments from Google to get the most competitive market tablet, powered by Samsung, Apple, and the smaller of Microsoft with Slate, launching Pixel Slate, a “molecular display” tablet 12.3 inches that install ChromeOS, not Android, and can withstand iPad Pro.

Google Pixel Slate has been launched a year ago and now supports life after Google has begun they will stop making tablets. (File by Andrew Bowers)

Google Pixel Slate has been launched a year ago and now supports life after Google has begun they will stop making tablets. (Image by Andrew Bowers) © 2015 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP
After this week’s announcement, Pixel Slate-costing up to $ 1,600-now gets life support through 2024.

Insight Atherton research

Google’s retreat from the market tablet will be very difficult for users and companies who sell Pixel Slate.Therefore, here are some suggestions to consider in the Android tablet decision-making process that we present with our customers:

In general, Google has poor performance on hardware that has experienced ADHD when it comes to removing or disabling the project (hardware, software or services) – so you should think twice before producing a product hardware from a Mountain View company, especially if your You will have it for years

Android system controls are not customized for use tablets and Google must follow Apple’s steps to process Android-specific tablets when it comes to better integration between ChromeOS and Android that companies are very serious about living on a tablet market

The outcome of the market tablet is not very good for introducing other long-term Google hardware devices including laptop pins (Pixelbook) and also Pixel phones that do not affect the smartphone market
Finally, if you still want Android tablets, Samsung, Acer, Asus or Huawei is the most common alternative.

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