Customers Are Open To Artificial Intelligence Boosting the web

Customers Are Open To Artificial Intelligence Boosting the web

Still confident about the relationship or coordination between information technology and home business? Consider this: 67% of customers in a new survey say how companies use technology show how

it’s generally used. And 75% of companies want to use technology to produce a better experience. And they know – almost instinctively – when technology is not integrated in the company they face.

Customer experience, with AI added

Place quality, amount and feature instantly. Anyone who wants to become a customer today is a superior experience. And they pay premiums for the most important products and services that enhance your experience.

Furthermore, he is able to understand – almost by the sixth idea – if the company is having problems with technology. It’s a word of a new survey of about 8,022 executives, conducted by Salesforce, which addresses what the author mentions about “customer connected” coming. Like many or more of the options, more than a great new feature – customers want information. These include customers and business customers.

Here are the six most wanted customers:

Most customers will not wait for the person to provide the information they have found, shown. Sixty-eight percent prefer to use a knowledge channel such as channel knowledge or customer portal – for easy questions or issues.

In addition, customers can immediately note that the company’s technology is not well integrated. “The average company uses 900 different applications, 29% of which is merged,” Salesforce reports said. “Customers are aware of the impact, with almost thirty reports of a common experience sharing separate departments

company united. ”

The research data points to the inference:

78% of customers think consistent interactions in the department; However, 59% “usually feel like communicating with separate departments, not one company.” In addition, 72% is expected, quite enough, that all corporate representatives will have the same information about it. However, 66% say that “it is often necessary to repeat or describe information to different representatives.”

Customers are quite excited about the artificial intelligence prospects that are used to enhance their experience, as well as their performances. Almost two-thirds, 62%, are open to using AI to enhance their experience – up to 59% in 2018.

Furthermore, 59% believe that AI will strike the same way companies interact. The majority, 54%, though say they believe companies use AI in a meaningful way.

“AI is well respected among business buyers, like third parties, rather than referring to a daily AI example.

” But the AI ​​fled to the screen – whether they were buying from Amazon, or using Waze on a highway. However, the authors of the research report added that “the company has the task of articulating the role of AI, especially for consumers. Approximately half of companies want a user to use AI in a practical way, and only a fairly transparent company.”

Lastly, security issues as well. Non-secure safety leads to trust and sales, as 46% of customers feel lost control over their own data.

“The distraction is so great that many customers now see companies that are not happy.” Security should be important, and customers consider it a standard requirement for business. who have strong security controls. “

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