Children: the peace zone

The word ‘children’ can be defined as ‘the boys or girls from the time of birth until they are adults’. Children are the glory of the country. They are the hopes and the Builders for the nation. Naturally they are the lovers of peace for the long term. The word ‘peace’ refers freedom form war, violence, and conflicts especially when people live and work together happily without disagreements. Thus, children need calm and quite. They require no interruption or annoyance from worry, problems, noise, and unwanted actions in process of career building.

Naturally children should get opportunities to enjoy the rights to enhance their all-round development. Children by nature are innocent, delicate, dependent, curious, active and enthusiastic. They love to be in the atmosphere of happiness and peace. Peaceful environment situational recreation and entertainment support their studies. The aforesaid environment and the situation play the superb role to shape their minds. With the pace of time they have their minds gradually developed. They gather experience in life. They mix up into the chain of socialization and become the active members of the society. These all aspects of life make them responsible and mature in life. The surrounding atmosphere in which the children enjoy and get experiences has a significant role to determine their ways of life. In mutual trust and understanding, social and racial harmony, religious tolerance, love and respect as well as many other aspects of life. As they grow up they become the ideal personalities of the nation.

War, violence, crimes and criminal activities, can affect the children mentally and they grow up to anti-social. If they possess such anti-social and anti-humane activities, later they may involve in crime and criminal activities as well as perversions. In order to make them the builder’s of the nation and the blooming stars for the societies they must be kept away from those anti-social and anti-humane activities.

Children become the victim of violence when the nation has no political stabled. They are the lovers of peace and harmony. They generally gather at the places of educational institutions. The government should make legal provisions declaring them the zone of peace and implement effectively. The chain of peace begins from the healthy environment in education, and gradually steps forwards to build the nation better place to live in and much developed.

Working on a project to protect education from attack is sensitive, and may not be appropriate in all contexts. Carefully consider whether this project is appropriate, and take care to ensure that none of the activities chosen put any staff, children or local communities at risk or in harm’s way. In some contexts, none or only a few of the presented activities may be possible, while in others, it is appropriate to conduct all the activities. This guide merely aims to present the key activities as they are currently being implemented in the Schools as Zones of Peace countries, but the responsibility for programming will ultimately lie with the implementing organisation choosing the activities. Please take care to contextualise any activities chosen, and be aware that not all tools will be appropriate in all contexts, and most will have to be contextualised.

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