CEO Dan Streetman is new tibbo tech

CEO Dan Streetman is new tibbo tech

Steve’s work says, “Innovations distinguish between leaders and followers”. I still know about TIBCO’s unique model for innovation including ‘cloud of related intelligence’ and TIBCO Labs, and I want to dig deep. Below are their new CEO Dan Streetman, who I am looking forward to giving you a perspective when you make your organization innovation.

Robert Reiss

And Streetman: We are in the most exciting time in history. Now we have the ability to connect everything, uniting all data from connection, and gain useful views that allow intelligent results, faster. All of these capabilities make our market competitive, but also diverse, good, and innovative. From APIs and systems, to devices and people, TIBCO connects everything, integrates data, and allows a deep understanding through data analysis and science.

What is an example of how TIBCO 

Streetman: TIBCO interacts with organizations around the world to update meaningful effects. Examples are our health activities, where hospital infections cause or contribute nearly 100,000 deaths and health costs of $ 10 billion a year in the US. him.

Hypothesized health system that has basic medical expertise to reduce infection in surgery, but not users to manage, connect, and use analysis and scale.

We help them develop an approach involving electronic medical recordings, enterprise data systems, and real-time data from patient-monitoring devices to inform care in their own operating room. They reduce the incidence of surgery by 74 percent. This can be a step forward, transformative in the consciousness of the patient.

Streetman: We keep investing in the types of annoying technologies that lead to industry changes. We use AI / ML to advance pragmatic data science applications. We use smart applications that support exponential growth in the number of sensors and devices.

And we try capabilities like blockchain. More broadly, we develop the touch points we have with our customers and partners. The data is a valuable asset, and we will continue to help make data innovation possible.


We look forward to every organization we support to make decisions faster and more precisely than before and on the scale. Our work with the Mercedes-AMG Racing Petronas Motorsport Formula 1 is a fun example. We started working on it a few years ago when they realized they needed to do more with the data.

Today, we help collect, capitalize, and visualize more than 50,000 data per second. With these details, they can design better cars, determine the best car setup for each race, synchronize track speed quickly, and make smarter and more accurate decisions during the race. He not only won the race, but also received a sophisticated IT innovation.

Expectation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Permanent Learning

In the next few years, we will see such innovations everywhere. When we have more data than resources we can imagine, we have to capture the data, integrate, and get the right time to make better decisions. It happens in transportation, fintech, logistics, retail, hospitality – everywhere in the world.

We focus on helping customers bring meaningful data-led to every decision and every customer experience. They include understanding data, as well as protecting and honoring. With security, regulatory and business environment now, every one organization is now up to date

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