Apple Loop: New iPhone Leak this year

Apple Loop: New iPhone Leak this year

Turning back news and news from Cupertino this week, Apple Loop this week includes full details about the new iPhone camera, iPhone technology arrives, iOS13 introduces popular Android features, Tim Cook against chaos, massive security warning for your iPhone and iPad, question about price The MacBook, the problem with the MacBook Pro battery, which will buy Mac Pro, and Harry Potter fall on your iPhone.

Loop Apple is here to remind you about some of the many discussions around Apple over the past seven days (and you can find Apple’s latest weekly news here).

New iPhone Camera Designer Certified

Even though Apple will “surprise us” in September when the phone is released, the iPhone 11’s camera is re-designed by industry peripherals. The latest unemployment for the ugly camera home design comes from the combination of screen protection and the Olixar camera. Malcolm Owen says:

Olixar’s accessory firm has taken steps to provide a protective camera for the new modus, given to Perancit Fun Mobile. All shields use the same configuration lenses that were drawn on the previous and previous flyers, such as prints called sauces, with additional lenses appearing on the right side of the square, between the other two on the left.

What about all the latest advances in mobile technology? Where is 5G, new form factor, and sophisticated screen? Good news is they all come to iPhone … if you are happy to wait until late in 2020. Take 5G for example:

5G technology that is spread around the world, with today’s mobile phones and customers launching early access to the internet. Cloud-based services will take advantage of instant data speed in some cases of wired connections at home.

Even beyond the iPhone 5G in 2020, this should include a model, with the 5G full iOS device targeted for 2021 … almost three months (ATG 5G Evoluution is unpredictable).More understanding about Apple’s delay in new technology on iPhone here at Forbes.

Better Android Android features on iPhone

Beta for iOS 13 has a new innovation from Apple. ‘Low Data Mode’ should prevent the amount of data used by the app, extend your life data. Android users can wonder what this has been, as I reported earlier this week:

Data saver is verified by Android 7.0, which began in March 2016 – the history of smartphone development – and has become a feature in Android package from now on. All applications must use the Data Charger option, including the application’s preloaded.

More about new settings here.

The Brooklyn Music Academy hosted the launch event of Apple on October 30, 2018, with Tim Cook and the team starting with the new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Pro Pro.

Team Leader Tim Cook Tim Cook started at Stanford University this week. He took the opportunity to repeat what is seen as a basic base between Apple and all Silicon Valley with a reunion bridge that supports consumer data protection amidst the riots produced by other people online. Kif Leswing Report:

It is the latest in Cook’s Fiber

where he has criticized the security of the data and introduced Google, Facebook, and other technology companies to exploit the user and data privacy, without mentioning the name of the company.

Apple advertises privacy as a key feature of the iPhone and has recently released a sign-in feature that focuses on privacy that competes with Google and Facebook …

“To be accepted as usual and inevitable that all of us in our lives can be aggregated, shipped and leaked if there is a hack, we lose more data.

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